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About Hisense Photonics


Hisense Photonics has fully integrated manufacturing model that enhances product reliability, manufacturability and Performance. This philosophy spans chip fabrication (MOCVD wafer growth using Indium Phosphide and Planar Light guide Circuit Technologies), proprietary performance screening, highly automated packaging techniques and a robust final testing platform that guarantees our customer the highest quality of product. We control all phases of the development and manufacturing process in-house. With multiple manufacturing locations, we provide our customer the safety of supply security and guard against unpredictable climatic events.


Hisense Photonics manufactures key innovative in-house technologies, which ensure our position as an optoelectronics industry leader. Our proven modular technology  platforms, supported by a library of patents, ensure that each of our products have been designed to provide the most advance and competitive optical solutions for today's major FFTx, Ethernet, SONET, Fiber Channel, and CATV mainstream applications. Our technical mandate is to simplify our customer's increasingly complex optical communications challenges through functional and m Monolithic integration.


Hisense Photonics offers a full portfolio of cooled and uncooled 1310 nm and 1550 nm laser products utilizing in-house Fabry-Perot (FP), DFB EML and DBR (tunable) chips reaching speeds up to 25 Gps. On the receiver side, accompanying InGasAS based PIN and APD receivers up to 40 Gps. This extensive chip portfolio provides a solid foundation for specialized optical components utilizing industry standard package formats such as XMD TOSA , 14-pin butterfly , GPO and TOSCan's. These components in turn are the key building blocks for Archcom Technology inc's sophisticated module products such as transponders, XFP et all providing "plug & play " solutions for customers application.